Launching vfx composting and Editing program

Launching vfx composting and Editing program

Arena Animation –India’s premiere Media and Entertainment Training Institute offers power packed programs that help shape a Student Creative Career. Arena Animation Sayajigunj Located in vadodara one of Best and No 1 training Institute in Gujarat andwest Zone For Animation –Vfx and Gaming courses which caters need of student to become Professional In Animation Film makingVfx Film making and Gaming courses in vadodara .

The world of visual effects relies on the wizardry of VFX Compositors & Video Editors. From Spiderman jumping across buildings to Baahubali fighting an entire army, everything is the magic of post-production, of which Compositing and Editing are the two most important aspects.

The Indian Animation & VFX industry is estimated to reach ` 151.80 billion in 2023.The Media & Entertainment industry is also expected to provide 65 lakh jobs by 2022.*

VFX Compositors are responsible for photo-realistic output by seamlessly integrating live action footage & computer graphics 2D and / or 3D, special effects. Video Editing requires visual aesthetic, a sense of pacing to draw out the emotion of the story, and an attention to detail. The artistic skills required for the role of VFX Compositor and Video Editor is the understanding of the elements of composition, lighting and shadow and colour. Therefore, Arena Animation has introduced the VFX Compositing & Editing Program.

The Vfx Compositing and Editing program Gives students better understanding about the concepts and fundamentals required for 3d Visual Effects Compositing and Video Editing.It helps students demonstrate the VFX pre-production process of Animatics and 3D Previsualization (Previz)It helps them learn and demonstrate the VFX process of Roto, Paint, Roto-prep, Keying, Matchmoving, Live Action Matte Painting & CompositingIt makes students understand and utilize the VFX Compositing workflow using industry-relevant software – Nuke, Silhouette & 3D EqualizerIt helps them learn and understand the Grammar of the edit to demonstrate Video Editing skills using Adobe Premiere / Final Cut Pro.It teaches students the skills of Colour Grading for Web Series, Commercial Ads, TV & Films.

The Student will learn the Following software’s :-
– Adobe Photoshop
– Final Draft
– Adobe Audition and adobe Premiere pro
– Adobe After Effects
– iclone
– silhouette
– 3d Equalizer
– Final cut pro

The Course will give Opportunities to the Students of Vadodara who want to make Vfx Career with professional environment –technology and proper dedicated institution that really caters the demand of 3d Visual Effects Artist required by industry.

After the Completion of the Course the students are eligible with multiple job opportunities and profiles available in Vfx Industry and they can choose from it such as :-Previz Artist-Compositor-Roto artist-3D tracking Artist-Paint artist-Roto –prep Artist-Matte Paint Artist-MatchMove Artist-Video Editor-Motion Graphics Designer&Colour Grading Artist.

The program opens doors to multiple career avenues in many industries such as Advertising –Retail- Animation and Film Vfx Studios- Media and Entertainment industry – Digital Advertising and Many More.

Arena Animation Sayajigunj – India’s premiere Media and Entertainment training institute. We offers power-packed courses  that help shape a student’s creative career. We trains students in industry-relevant, employment-oriented skills through advanced tools.

What to Expect in Visual Effects in 2021 & Beyond

What to Expect in Visual Effects in 2021 & Beyond

The present technological advancement in movies have proven that almost nothing is impossible in the visual effects industry. With the tremendous growth of technology, day by day, there are no limits in filmmaking. We are already at a point where digital animation and CGI can look exceedingly similar to reality.

So what does the future has in the stores for VFX?

  1. VFX will be used even more throughout the development, pre-production and filming process of a film. That’s the pretty obvious one!
  2. The current VFX technologies are not only time consuming but also expensive. So the companies would be focusing not just to improve the quality but also to reduce the average cost of delivering a single shot. Right now the goal is to make it profitable enough to stay in business.
  3. The distinction between Visual Effects shots and real-life shots will fade, further. An incredible number of visual effects shots are not even being noticed today. They go undetected as they are amazing. This gives more opportunities for creativity and storytelling to the filmmakers. For example, TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Fast and Furious involving car chase scenes use green screens for driving sequences.
  4. VFX may still not be able to do everything 100% perfectly. Like the holograms used in I, Robot and Captain America they still pose a challenge which will hopefully be conquered with advancing software. Traditionally, the most difficult things to simulate are dust, water, smoke, fire, and light distortions.


3d visual effects Courses

credits: Digital Trends

5. Optimised work flow can be expected. Fully rendered animations are not real time animations, but hopefully with the advent of faster processors and better technology it will get closer to real time animation which is visually as perfect as offline rendered animation is now.

Did that go over your head? Pardon us. To present in simpler terms – the offline rendering process is usually much less performance-critical, so you have the option to use very expensive rendering techniques for better performance.

  1. India may get more VFX. More and more Hollywood studios and directors are willing to outsource their post-production VFX work to Indian studios and companies. This means, there will be more job opportunities for the trained professionals who have completed job-oriented VFX Film Making Courses.

Do you see any more advancements in the VFX industry in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Oscar 2020 Winner and Nominees for Best Visual Effects

Oscar 2020 Winner and Nominees for Best Visual Effects

The Oscar 2020 nominations for best visual effects had the strongest contenders. While the prospects of Disney looked great with three movies, the others had more or less if not equal the chances for a win.


This Oscar winner proves that visual effects are not just some replacements done to a green screen through digital machinery. It necessarily involves production design and a creative approach for achieving effects which is not possible without the use of heavy editing. The way this movie incorporated VFX into it is absolutely genius. The movie had to be framed in such a way that entirety shot is to be captured in one single shot. In this movie, the camera never cuts away from the action. The task of integrating multiple shots together seamlessly was an incredibly challenging task for the VFX team. Depending on the type of shot, different approaches were used to achieve the desired results. The fact that the movie was produced in native IMAX (widescreen with incredibly high-resolution) format made it even more complicated. The digital painting work of the VFX artists had to be precise and intricate.

Apart from 1917, Birdman too was shot using this one-continuous shot technique and was nominated for an Oscar in the same category.

In a nutshell, VFX is more effective when it goes unnoticeable.

The Irishman

It is masterpiece from Martin Scorsese and a big budget ambition project due to the cast and the de-aging used in it. Now, it is a familiar technique (seen in Iron man 3, Ant Man, and Terminator: Dark Fate earlier). In The Irishman it was used in the flashback scenes where De Niro is required to look like his 40s. The present age of De Niro is 76. If you haven’t watched it already it is available on Netflix.

vfx multimedia courses

Image credits: ©Netflixv

Avengers Endgame

Being the most anticipated movie of 2019, VFX artists had no room for error. The final fight sequence against the army of Thanos made a memorable impact on the viewers. However, Marvel was condemned by critics for using too much CGI. The Marvel team mentioned that the nearing deadlines left less time for production design to develop full-fledged sets, and they had to rely on VFX.

learn visual effects

Image credits: ©Marvel studios

The Lion King

Imagine the CGI being so good that it actually becomes a shortcoming of the movie. That’s exactly what happened with The Lion King. In the original animated counterpart, the characters portrayed their personalities through expressions and quirks while the live action seemed flat due to the hyper-realistic animation. Still kudos to the Disney artists for they have almost blurred the lines between reality and CGI with the movies like The Jungle Book and The Lion King. VFX isn’t an easy task and to mimic the movements and natures of animals is nothing less than a revolutionary feat.

Certificate in Animation Course

Image credits: ©Disney Studios

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Layers of work went into The Rise of Skywalker. Some of the most striking VFX moments from the film include the assembly of Leia’s farewell from deleted scenes shot by Carrie Fisher years before her death, the blending of old-school models and digital effects, and flashback scene of Luke and Leia training created with the elements from the Return of the Jedi.

3d visual effects Courses

Image credits: ©

Do you think 1917 deserves the Oscar win? Or do you have another personal favourite? Let us know in the comments.

If you wish to be more than just a spectator of amazing visual effects, join a VFX course and get the skills to create your own VFX.


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Trending VFX Careers In India

Trending VFX Careers In India

Introduction to VFX

VFX refers to the procedure of creating imagery using live action captured with film making. Visual effects deal with the consolidation of real-life footage and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to make situations, which looks sensible; however, would be risky, costly, unrealistic, tiresome or challenging to shoot on film. Visual effects created with the help of software are available for the movie makers, thanks to the development of cost-effective and simple to use computer software programs.

In movies, everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Dinosaurs roam the Earth, the world comes to an end, mice get adopted by humans, a boy and a tiger are lost at sea and apes take over the planet. Humans battle alien races from lands far far away. Such is the magic of cinema, which is possible through special effects or visual effects (VFX) artists.

Computer generated effects aren’t just for futuristic movies and superhero films anymore. They’re everywhere. Switch on your TV and a CG effect is probably hidden in one of the movie scenes or advertisements you’re watching. Visual effects (VFX) is not meant to be noticeable, and that takes some serious talent and hard work.

VFX Industry :

Indian Animation & VFX industry is expected to grow to Rs. 11,360 crore by 2020.The film and television space play a vital role in boosting the industry. With the emergence of newer gadgets, the gaming industry has also boomed beyond boundaries. Still, more improved growth rate is expected in the next couple of years.

3d visual effects Courses

Evergreen Career in VFX :

A career in VFX is today a rewarding and creatively satisfying option for young minds and the job opportunities in the VFX industry are booming. However, while this success, and projected growth of the industry, has a lot of aspiring VFX artists excited.

One can begin their career as a visual artist mainly in the below industries.

  • TV channels/ Production Houses
  • VFX studios
  • Gaming Industry
  • Media and Advertising
  • Freelancer

Pay Scale  for VFX Artist :

As a fresher, you can expect to earn around Rs.25,000-35,000 and once you gain adequate experience, anything from a lakh to a couple of lakhs and more is yours for the asking. And if you can’t decide whether to take on freelance projects or a full-time job, remember that freelancers are often paid more since they work on contract-based jobs.

Do you wish to be a part of the ever-evolving VFX world? The VFX industry in India is thriving and the VFX career path promises a whole bunch of career options for you – explore our  Institute of Animation & VFX courses that can help you achieve your ambitions.

Arena Animation Sayajigunj Gujarat’s Number 1 institute of Vfx Training established since 23 years of Excellence in education .Arena Animation’s VFX Prime is a comprehensive program that trains students end-to-end in all aspects of visual effects to make them job-ready VFX professional also trains on the latest technologies and tools used in the Visual Effects industry.

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