5 Image Optimisation Techniques that Every Aspiring Web Designer Should Know

5 Image Optimisation Techniques that Every Aspiring Web Designer Should Know

Arena Times – Jan – Feb – 2021 – VFX & Animation Courses Institute in vadodara

Arena Times – Jan – Feb – 2021 – VFX & Animation Courses Institute in vadodara

Arena Sayajigunj is ready with its First Batch For Canada

Arena Animation Sayajigunj is taking a Step Forward as We Initiate Training and Guidance for Our First Batch of International Students as they Begin their Creative Journey To Canada as a Part of the VCEA Program at Arena Animation Sayajigunj. Interaction was organized to Guide them and Share some Important Details regarding the Process and Program.

Guest Workshop on 3D Architectural Design

Special Guest Workshop was conducted on Product Modeling On 1st December, by 3D Architecture Expert Ms.Dipa Shah from Loan Oak Solutions and gave students Valuable Knowledge about How to approach Architectural Designing and Information regarding its Creation. More than 15 students had attended the Workshop Online. The students learned to quickly give their ideas into Application and Understood the Approach Required for Architectural Design Effectively.

Special Guest Lecture on Character Designing by Mr.Sandeep Joshi

Students Of Arena Animation Sayajigunj Course got a Unique Chance to Understand the Visual Aesthetics applied in the creation of Character whether it’s for Games or Movies by Pre Production Artist Mr.Sandeep Joshi as He Showed them different Ways to design and create a Character and also gave Feedback on their Work by Him and Some Valuable Tips.

Workshop: Digital Painting by Bhavesh Patel

Digital painting is an artistic Technique of painting using the Digital Medium to express. In this session student came to know how the making is a digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. They also got the knowledge how they can create professional Digital paintings and the Fundamentals behind it. The sessions were very interactive and productive for the student. And were also given a Small Task to try their hands on the technique. The Workshop was conducted for Both Online and Offline Students by Bhavesh Patel.

Matte Painting by Harshvardhan Singh

Matte paintings nowadays are the digitally created environments that we see in the current Hollywood films with each and every element very minutely detailed for that feeling of reality in it. Keeping this in mind and to make students aware of the use of matte paintings and How we can create our own by maintaining all the prerequisites and design ethics in mind, a special session was conducted by Mr.Harshvardhan Singh for students who have completed Photoshop and were enlighten about the effectiveness of the software as the main creating tool for matte paintings and how to go ahead with that. it was an informative session and students were also motivated to try and create their own Matte paintings.

50 Plus Students Grab PREMIUM Jobs during Pandemic Situation

50 plus Students received Placement in this Challenging year of 2020-21 and Under the Pandemic Conditions Amid Covid pandemic lockdown and disruption, Arena Animation Sayajigunj campuses, closed the final placement figures at 54 Students Placement till January 2021 end. The achievement comes at a time once industry saw mass layoffs and offer revokes. AY 2020-21 began with a bang with elite recruiters in the Graphic Designing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and 3D Designing.

Arena Animation Sayajigunj officials say the institution looks forward to an aggressive hiring season ahead, 3750+ job openings available with the team and expectation of more additions to this list.

In the previous 6 to 7 months we placed students locally as well as nationally are the students who have been selected in various companies in Vadodara.

50 plus Students received Placement in this Challenging year of 2020-21 and Under the Pandemic Conditions So we are very much proud for the students who are selected to this company and we are proud to have them in our institute and wishing them a Great career ahead.

VFX training institute

Unique Initiative Taken to Celebrate Christmas

Santa and Joker’s Day Out…A Rare Duo..Who Started their Journey from Arena Animation Sayajigunj Center by Meeting and Greeting and Giving Gifts to Everyone than Exploring the whole City on foot, in Auto rickshaw and On Scooter..A Rare Sight for People. Hats off to Our Students Shivang Jingar and Kenez Binu for their Effort and Characterization and Kamalkant Mistry for Capturing the Surreal Moments…

Valentine’s Day Celebrated at the Center with Fun and Love

Post Pandemic Situation, When Everything is getting back to Normal Students at Arena Animation Sayajigunj Always Known for their Energy and Enthusiasm took The Initiative to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Full Zest and Fun as they Organized a Day Celebration Full Of Activities and Games Like Dumb Sharaz, Roast by Host, Truth and Dare and Guess the Whisper!! And Had a Great Time and also Decorated the Center Beautifully with Interesting Craft and Designs justifying The Theme of Valentine’s Day. A Fun Day Full of Activities and Good Time..Thanks a lot Students for Bringing Back the Vibes and Energy back!!

Arena Animation Sayajigunj – Learning and Activities during lockdown

Arena Animation Sayajigunj – Learning and Activities during lockdown

Arena Sayajigunj Student Dhruvil Panchal Stood First In “Junior Batman” National Level Design Contest

  • Dhruvil Panchal, A Student of Arena Animation Sayajigunj has made us proud by winning the Junior Batman Design Contest which was held Nationwide He Came first with Students all over the India participating in this Competition. He first sketched the character and then Digitally painted it in Photoshop and re imagined the Idea of Batman as a Kid.

Online masterclasses and workshops by technical gurus…

  • Due To the Current Covid 19 Situation and Lockdown teaching and training has Shifted online and Arena Animation took the Initiative to provide Non Stop Learning to Student in these Challenging Times by arranging Knowledge enhancing Webinars and Workshops from industry experts as they interacted with students through online platforms and Provided them some great knowledge and information about topics like Trends In Animation & Vfx, Photogramettery, Digital sculpting, Career Opportunities, Digital Matte painting, Animation Principles. It provided Students some very useful Knowledge in these Conditions.

Quality Placements Provided to Students During Lockdown

  • Arena Animation Sayajigunj Keep the Momentum going by providing Quality Training and Fulfilling Job requirements of Companies operating During Lockdown and Provided right Candidates by properly Evaluating Them and Training them for the New Techniques and procedures as per lockdown requirements and guidelines. Around 18 Students Got Job Placements in Top designing Firms and studios and Students were recruited as 3D Artist, Motion Graphic Artist, Graphic Designers,3D Generalist, Social Media Designers and Video Editors. Hence Making a Great Start for their Prosperous Careers.

Knowledge Enhancing Webinar on Digital Marketing conducted by Nishith Patel,Digital Marketing Expert.

  • Due to Lockdown many Fields came to Still while certain got great Boom During these and That Field is Digital Marketing as brands went Online to promote themselves.Mr. Nishith Patel,Google Certified Digital Marketing expert and Mentor at Center Conducted Webinar on Digital marketing and on its Awareness and Career Opportunities.He shared Some Very Useful Tips and Information to Online attending Crowd and they got a new Field to explore as a Career.

Arena Animation introduces a career course with a focus on Animation, Vfx, Gaming skills. You can pursue the course online till the our Arena centre reopens. You can also call us on our number: 98255 72027 for any course-related queries

Technology, Education & Art of Animation, Vfx & Gaming

Technology, Education & Art of Animation, Vfx & Gaming

Browse The Arena Animation Sayajigunj’s newsletter for complete collection of articles and explanation on Animation, Vfx & Gaming news and activities during lockdown period.

You will get all the latest breaking news on Animation, VFx & Gaming here. We provide you with the latest activities and videos straight from the media & entertainment industry.

Animators of all experience levels could use a little extra push on occasion. Whether you’re considering a future career as an animator, looking to hone your current skills or simply enjoy an amusing cartoon, animation blogs are a great source of education, inspiration and entertainment.

Uninterrupted Learning Provided By Mentors of Arena Sayajigunj through Virtual Classrooms

Mentors of Arena Animation Sayajigunj again Proved That Teaching and Giving right and Timely Knowledge is their Priority. Through Virtual Class Rooms Mentors Provided Students Uninterrupted Learning and Gave them the Best under the Lockdown Situation.

Arena Sayajigunj Mentor Earned International Certification in Google Analytics

Arena Sayajigunj Mentor and Digital Marketing Expert Mr. Nishith Patel Earned an International Certification in Google Analytics as he Prepared and Cleared the Online exam during Lockdown.

Understanding Production Pipeline – Guest Lecture by Mr Viral Shah

Mr.Viral Shah, a VFX and Animation Expert Conducted an Online Special Session on Understanding Production Pipeline and Interacted with Students of various Courses and gave them some insightful knowledge. Production Pipeline and How various Studios adapt and Apply it he also shared some valuable Tips from his experience.

Workshops In Lockdown Was Conducted By Mentors

Mentors at Arena Animation Sayajigunj Provided Students with Some Useful Additional Knowledge by Providing them Workshops on Advance Topics like Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Understanding Genres of Art and Architectural Modeling by Poly Modeling Technique, Conducted by respective Mentors using the Online Platform to give students Advance Knowledge during this Lockdown.

Short Film On Covid-19 Awareness Was Created By Students

Due to the rising situation of Pandemic Covid-19, Students of Arena Animation Sayajigunj Made a Short Film to Create Awareness and Share Precautions from this Infectious Disease.  See here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jySQHPZfWog&t=16s 

VFX & Animation Courses Institute in vadodara

Arena Nationl Competition Was Organized

Online Contest of Making a Music Video on the given track was Organized in Context to Show Strength and Unity to Fight this Pandemic. Students of Arena Animation Sayajigunj Participated with full energy and Wrote the lyrics and Shot Videos on their respective Cell phones and Shared and Edited into a Energetic Composition.

 World Art Day was Celebrated by Creating Digital Artworks

Online Contest of Making Digital Art was organized in Context to Word Art Day Celebrations and Many Students of Arena Animation Sayajigunj Participated with Some Interesting Artworks.

Arena Animation introduces a career course with a focus on Animation, Vfx, Gaming skills. You can pursue the course online till the our Arena centre reopens. You can also call us on our number: 98255 72027 for any course-related queries

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