What is Photobashing Technique?

What is Photobashing Technique?


When you look at images or paintings that seem to be extremely realistic when you observed from a far, these images tend to look more apt, as they are usually so detailed it can seem like a real picture captured under high resolution. This often makes one wonder the amount of time and effort that must have been spent in creating such artistic art. The possibility of even achieving such detailed work is only made possible by a painting technique called Photobashing.

What is Photobashing Technique?

Photobashing is a technique where artists careful overlapping and blend photos and images while painting and compositing them into one finished piece. It typically involves expertly blending multiple numbers of photos and painting them meticulously until they give off the desired photo-texture of several images to become one illustration.

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Photo-bashing or 3D model bashing is a widely used technique bye concept artists to speed up your workflow or add texture and achieve a realistic style.

Colors, details, shadow and light can be used from photos without the need to paint them. Often painting over the photos is required though to make sure the light and amount of detail of each object in your scene match perfectly.

Use of Photobashing Technique

Photobashing was developed by game concept artists who need to work fast.

This technique uses it for designing realistic objects, creatures, background, sets, costumes and the entire world.

If you want your artwork to look realistic and natural than using this photobashing technique.

Concept artists are responsible for the look of an object in a game or film. From guns to empty cans, everything needs to be visualized by an artist.

The sheer amount of artwork needed in any production is an overwhelming amount for any team — this technique helps to speed along the process.

Most professionals who use this technique are confident artists who could create similar concepts and design without the aid of photographs.

It’s not as simple as cutting and pasting one photo on top of another. It does take work and you have to know about how to paint over it, add to each image and change certain features.


Tools For Photobashing

The most popular software for the type of photobashing work in photoshop. This is a fact that anyone is getting into digital painting since Photoshop is an industry standard.

Unlike other digital art software, adobe photoshop has specific tools that you alter photographs and paint with digital brushes.

Using Photoshop customizable brush set, layer styles and clone brushes you can blend photos seamlessly into digital artwork.

Finding the right photo for the artwork is a time-consuming process. You need high-quality images that are easy to work with and cut out.

It’s always best to use high-quality stock images as you won’t have to worry about copyright infringement or deal with pixelation problems. There are also plenty of free image sites like Wikimedia Commons that you can search through as well.

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