5 Best Stop Motion Animation Ideas for the Beginner

5 Best Stop Motion Animation Ideas for the Beginner

Stop Motion Animation Ideas


Stop motion animation is making a buzz in the animation industry. In stop motion animation ideas – the physical objects are portrayed to be moving on the screen. This is performed with the help of photographic frames that are placed in measured distance. It creates the illusion of motion of objects. It is often appreciated for catering to swift movements across the screen without any difficulties.

Follow this stop motion animation ideas for improving the smoothness of stop motion such as setting your stage, focus, lighting and selecting the best stop motion software to suit you are all vital. Once you have mastered this below list of stop motion animation ideas then that will help you to get the most fun out of animation.

5 Best Stop Motion Animation Ideas for the Beginner



1. Whiteboard


All you need is a whiteboard and whiteboard colored pens. You can create some basic stop motion animation with this technique. However, if you are a good artist, then the sky is the limit as shown in below example – WhileBoard Stop Motion. The technique open to all ages which make it a good idea for stop motion beginners. Just make sure you secure both your camera and the whiteboard.

Click on below Video: whiteboard Stop Motion


2. Paper Cut-Out Stop Motion


This is one of the wonderful forms of stop motion animation because it combines real arts, crafts feel and the stop motion approach to form a great effect. Either you can draw shapes or cut images to create an animated story. You will need a clean well lit table and a camera suspended overhead. Make some space for you to work under the camera to ensure it is suspended high enough off the table top. Also, observe those shadows when you take snapshots. Watch this below video example of paper cut-out stop motion animation that helps you to make a paper craft stop motion.

Click on below Video: How to Make Paper Craft Stop-motion Cut-Out Animation


3. Stop Motion Claymation Morphing Hands


There are lots of stop motion ideas within the claymation animation art form. In this technique, you don’t have to use armature to create stable characters which to animate. You only need to make a simple character without arms or legs and still have an attractive and engaging style. In this below example, simple shapes can be used to morph into other shapes in an artistic style. This is one of the best idea for the stop motion beginners to get started.

Click on below Video: Stop Motion Claymation Morphing Hands


4. Sticky Notes


This technique has some really intricate examples made by professional studios. Some good animation ideas for creating stop motions animation with this technique.

Click on below Video: Gaming Sticky Notes Stop Motion


5. Timelapse


Timelapse is an interesting one and different from the others stop motion animations ideas. In this form of stop motion, simply you can place your camera to take photographs in equal intervals over “normally” long period of time to capture things in nature that happen by itself. A nice example is shown here of decomposing fruit and vegetable over 74 days.

Click on below Video: Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition

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