8 Great Activities Conducted  at our center for the Month of June 2022

8 Great Activities Conducted at our center for the Month of June 2022

Student Mid Course Work Evaluations Conducted

Student Mid Course Work Evaluations was Organized at the Center where Students presented there Projects and Assignments Done for Particular Software’s as Assigned By Mentors on Different Technical Topics as Students got a Precise Feedback on there Work and Gain some Extra Knowledge in there Subjects of Interest ,57 Students were Evaluated by Jury Mentors Olive Sir and Bhavesh Sir.

2D 3D animation Courses


The World is Changing so is the Technology that we use and keeping that in mind a Special Session was Organized on Future Avenues in Gaming, as How Students can Contribute to Creation of Games and its Content By Using Technologies of AR & VR and to make them Understand the Concepts of, An Interesting Session was For Students as they got Knowledge of Future Shaping Technologies. Session Conducted by Kishin Thakur,Gaming Expert

3d visual effects Courses

Evaluation of Trinity and VFX Film Making Students by RAH Amar Trivedi

Trinity and Vfx Film Making Students work is always required to be Matching with industry Standards.To Evaluate and Guide this Our RAH Mr.Amar Trivedi had an Interaction with these Students as he guided the students with valuable tips and feedbacks to improve there work and be Industry Ready

Game Design & Development Courses

Student Presentations on Research on Brand Creation

Special Activity was Conducted for Graphic Designing Students to Do a Research on a Particular Brand and Share there Findings and Observations of that Brand its Logo,History,USP and Market Value. Students Were Divided in Groups to Work on. This Activity was Conducted to Develop presentation Skills of Students

Digital Marketing Courses

Exhibition on Innovative Packaging Design by Graphic Students

Arena Animation Sayajigunj Took the Initiative to Make it reach Maximum People and Create Awareness about the Field and Scope. To make this Possible Certain Students were selected and Joined us to be our Brand Ambassadors as they would help Center in reaching maximum people through Workshops, Seminar and Industry Visits and help spread Effective Awareness for the Same.

Web Design Colleges in Vadodara

Special Interactive Sessions Were Organized Under General Awareness Program

After the bold Initiative of Indian Government to Develop AVGC Sector extensively in India, Arena Animation Sayajigunj Took the Initiative to Make it reach Maximum People and Create Awareness about the Field and Scope. Interactive sessions were carried out with Students, Youth and parents at Various Places Like Schools,ITI Training Schools and Spoken English Classes and also Invited them For Industry Visit at the Center and Gain More Information.

Motion Design Courses

Farewell Party Organized by Students for Trinity Students

A night full of fun and masti as Junior students at Arena Sayajigunj organized Farewell Party to there Seniors Of Trinity Gaming Course as the party had great Highlights of Games,Dance,Stand Up and Roasting and Delicious Food.The Seniors also Shared there memories and were Obliged by the initiative of Juniors for them.

audio video editing courses

Students Video Song Got Selected at GIFFI Film Festival

Group of Arena Sayajigunj Students Made a Video Song from a Track of Aspiring Artist and Made this Shoot and Edit Project within 10 DaysWhich got Selected for GIFFI Film Festival going to be Held in November in Bengaluru.Group members Pavin Palvila,Neel Gajjar,Krutarth Thumdi and Yeshal Shah.

Unreal gaming Courses

Arena offers career & professional training in areas including Animation, VFX, Gaming, Web Design, Graphics Design, UI-UX, Broadcast, Digital Advertising & Marketing and Multimedia. Our courses are designed to transform students to successful creative professionals.

We are really passionate about teaching and making our students job ready for the upcoming opportunities in the field of media and entertainment, We want to become 1st center in Gujarat to start providing students the teaching of Unreal Engine and make Gujarat a gaming hub of India.

Silver Jubilee Ceremony of Arena Animation Sayajigunj

Silver Jubilee Ceremony of Arena Animation Sayajigunj

The year 2021 marks the Silver Jubilee of Arena Animation Sayajigunj . This is also a very special year where the world has recently faced an unprecedented global health crisis. While it’s not a time for celebration, it is still important for us to reflect on the past, and more importantly, to focus on the future. So arrangement is done on a precautionary basis.

Arena Animation Sayajigunj was officially founded 25 years ago, Elsewhere our wealth and service of expertise can be traced back to 1996 .

To Treasure such memorable moments for more than 2.5 decades consistently proving a competitive market in  terms of lending education services and enriching lives of youth and guiding many people towards the path of hope has always been a goal for us .

So to cherish such memorable and remarkable journey continued since 25 years our management has inaugurated the day with the motivational speech – by our Centre Director– Ashish Kanojiya and rewarded the employees via his kindhearted words for showing loyalty and Sincerity towards company without sacrificing the ethics strongly accompanied with the successful journey of Arena Sayajigunj . It was quite touching and  emotional moments for all as it’s coming from a person of few words. Moreover, we all were stunned with the students’ creativity, as they have decorated the whole centre with colourful balloons, lights, paper work and beautiful crafting skills which was such an enduring experience to watch, as it displays their dedication, strong bond & attachment towards us.  Indeed it is one of the most proud and touching moments for all of us.

So As a token of Triumph Our Management has orchestrated a DJ event in a premium disco lounge cloud3 , for all the students and staff members. We have embraced the moment by  cutting the giant Red Velvet cake where More than 200+ students have been a part of such an amazing celebration.

Cloud3 is Vadodara’s premiere party place. It was the time for all the Arenians to put their dancing shoes on and step into a world of fun and magic and redefine the lounge experience. All the students were taking pleasure in clubbing. It feels like howl at the Moon is a high-energy bar centred on live trendy Bollywood and Hollywood music, dancing, and a nightlife experience like none other! It was stepping up into a world of fun and magic and redefined your lounge experience in huge LED panels, psychedelic lasers and thundering speakers. We have offered them the best music and sound system, Gala Dinner & beverages for the same.

It is one of the best places where students can have a glimpse of metro city lights, which are supposed to be the best give away for their support and association with Arena Sayajigunj.

All the stars of the Arena were grooving on the music. We were amazed to see the talent as they have some ravishing dancing moves happening on the floor .This day will be gracefully carved in history of Arena Sayajigunj and we hope to continue over service with utmost gratitude by fulfilling the lives of the students and spreading the smile in life of others by offering them best knowledge of education and making them job ready and grab upcoming opportunities towards their bright future.

Join Power-packed literacy program that help you shape your creative career.

Join Power-packed literacy program that help you shape your creative career.

Arena Animation Sayajigunj’s short term literacy program are ideal for both students and working professionals. Whether you want to jump start your career in the media and entertainment industry for jobs in animation, VFX, web & graphics, digital marketing, and more, or sharpen your skills in the latest software in the industry, these literacy program are perfect for you.

Join short duration literacy program after your10th / 12th to excel in the media and entertainment industry.Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows, and ads – all use latest visual effects designed and created by special effects artists. You can be one of these in-demand, talented artists!

Boost your career with Arena’s VFX literacy program.

• Introduction to VFX its History and Evolution of SFX and VFX.
• Creating Matte Painting.
• Creating Creative Advertisement with Smartphone.
• Creating Video Advertisement for Tourism.
• Creating a Newsroom Greenscreen Shot
• Creating a VFX shot using CG and Live Action Shooting.

VFX Film Making Courses

You can create Digital Matte Painting, Creating a Product Ad, Creating a VFX shot for Media, Creating a Film VFX Shot after this program.

Get knowledge of the fundamentals & advanced techniques of 2D & 3D animation. Learn to bring interesting characters to life in a virtual world. Join our Animation Literacy Program.
• Introduction to Animation Pipeline along with its History and Current Scenario.
• Creating Matte Painting.
• Creating Stop Motion.
• Creating Lighting for the Animation.
• Creating a Ball Bounce Animation.

2D 3D animation Courses

You can create Digital Matte Painting, Creating a Product based Animated Ad, Creating an Animation Sequence after this program.

Learn in-demand design and visualization software to boost your creative career opportunities through our Graphics literacy Program.
• Introduction to Print Graphics and Digital Graphics and Current Trends.
• Creating Product Poster for Facebook and Instagram.
• Creating Motion Poster of the Product.
• Creating a Book Cover.
• Creating a Login Page of Food Application.
• Creating Interactive PDF.

graphic design courses

You can create Designing Social Media Post, Creating a GIF based Ad, Creating a UI for App,Creating a Digital Booklet after this program.

Make work as fun as play! Create games for PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets! Get trained to become a professional game designer, and plan & execute all the aspects of games and bring it to life. Join Gaming Literacy Program today.
• Introduction to Gaming Pipeline along with its History and Current Scenario.
• Creating Game Poster for Social Media Promotions.
• Creating Motion Poster of the Game.
• Create a simple Game Animation in 2D.
• Creating a simple Axe in 3D for Game.
• Texturing Axe and Rendering it.

game development courses

You can create Game Poster, Designing a 2D Game Level, Creating a Game Asset (Weapon) after this program.

Elevate your skills with our most in-demand Digital Marketing literacy programme.
• Introduction to Digital Advertising and Marketing along with its Current Scenario.
• Creating Product Poster for Social Media Promotions.
• Creating Motion Poster of the Product.
• Color Correction of the Brand Video.
• Concepts of Digital Marketing.
• Generating Facebook and Instagram Ads with Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Courses

You can create Designing Social Media Post, Creating a Motion Graphics based Ad, Creating a Post for Instagram and Facebook and its Application on Social Media Pages after this program.

If choosing a course from Arena Animation Sayajigunj’s wide range of globally relevant courses seem challenging, we can arrange a free career counselling for you. Our career counsellor will contact you and help you choose the right course for your creative career.

India’s animation, VFX sector can grab up to 25% of global market share by ’25

India’s animation, VFX sector can grab up to 25% of global market share by ’25

The Indian animation and visual effects industry, which commands around 10% of the global market share, has the potential to reach 20-25% by 2025, according to the latest media and entertainment industry report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The two segments, which have together grown 17% from $0.7 billion in 2015 to $1.3 billion in 2019, can create 75,000-120,000 jobs over the next five years with their contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product rising by 0.06-0.08% over the same period, the report said.

Over the years, Indian-origin companies have been lauded for their visual effects design in several Hollywood films. Double Negative (DNEG), a Prime Focus group company, has won the Oscar four times for titles such as Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar, Ex Machina, and Inception. Meanwhile, Thor: The Dark World, was outsourced to Mumbai’s Prana Studios Ltd and Bengaluru-based Mr. X contributed to 2018 Oscar winner The Shape of Water.

India must learn to leverage its strengths to build its own animation, visual effects, gaming, comics (AVGC) industry, including strong technology skills and competitively priced talent, said the BCG report.

“These are sectors that do not just have great export potential to demonstrate the soft power of India but can also emerge as examples of Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) if home-grown startups are given adequate push,” Amit Khare, secretary, ministry of information and broadcasting, had said at an event referring to AVGC and educational technologies that came to the fore following the coronavirus outbreak.

Information and broadcasting minister Prakash Javadekar had earlier said that animation, visual effects, gaming and comic are sunrise sectors and Indians are providing back-end support to top filmmakers of the world. “It is time that these professionals started doing more of this for our own films so that the use of animation and graphics in Indian films grows manifold.” Javadekar had said.

The push for animation is based on the success of Hollywood flicks such as The Jungle Book and The Lion King, whose 3D effects make for immersive big-screen viewing.

Source – http://bit.ly/38UyXzR

3D Visualization, Its Uses, and Scope

3D Visualization, Its Uses, and Scope

The need for providing better and more competitive visual content has been persistently increasing in recent times. There are hundreds of brands marketing the same product to thousands of people, and logically the best way to stay in the game is to keep the customers invested in the brand. For achieving this, they resolve to technological advancements in rich media content to attract the masses. It doesn’t even come to our notice that we are in fact exposed to such advancements routinely. Be it the large digital billboards of your favorite beverage or an e-learning software used in schools. Visualization is indeed a fundamental tool for representing ideas and solutions.
Before we enlighten you with all the fields 3D visualization has revolutionized, let’s understand what it is. 3D Visualization basically refers to the process of rendering 3D content (graphical, animation or diagrammatic) or a visual technique to pass information. 3D artists use tools such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Cinema 4D to create stunning visualizations that can be used in any industry. To use these programs, you would require adequate training and knowledge.

Here are some of the most common areas where 3D visualization techniques come handy.

1. Marketing
3D visualization allows creating content for product promotions. Imagine being able to examine the texture, colour and shape of an uncreated object while sitting peacefully on the couch. No more issues of hiring photo-studios when all can be done with the help of 3D artists and a computer.

3d visual effects Courses

Image credits: Malbec Product Rendering by Brucewlima

2. Architecture
Construction companies require intricate planning and accuracy as there is no room for trial and error. 3D visualization has increased operational efficiency and cost benefits. It has also removed technical barriers while communicating the design to non technical personnel.
Check out this 3D architectural visualization work done by a student of Arena Animation Sayajigunj.

3. Medicine
Medical 3D Visualization is a revolutionary concept. Medical 3D visualization offers visual representations of scanned body parts with the help of virtual models. This offers depth and details when compared to the conventional static two-dimensional medical images. The process facilitates better diagnoses, reduces the surgical operation learning curves, minimize operational costs, and shorten image acquisition times.

4. Education
One of the instances where 3D visualization can become more than art is in the education sector. Almost every primary school and universities have been equipped with e-learning privileges to avoid gaps in understanding concepts.

5. Multimedia
3D Visualization is now an integral part of the entertainment industry. It is not only being used in movies to bring characters and superheroes to life on screen, the widespread use of 3d visualsation has helped games become more realistic. Digital artists now create more enticing and engaging visualizations.

There are many more industries that benefits from these services— including automotive, pharmaceutical, and fashion. 3D visualization is a fine blend of both technical skills and artistry.

If you are looking for a quick course in design & visualization, click here.

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