Follow Your Creative Instincts: Pursue a Career in Graphic Designing

Follow Your Creative Instincts: Pursue a Career in Graphic Designing

Graphic designers work on the websites you visit, the advertisements you see, the movies you watch, the games you play, and the packaging & logos of the products you buy. This blog is all about a career in graphic design and how you can pursue one!

Do you love art? Are you full with the creative ideas & artistic mind?….. then it will be like a cake walk for you to make your career as a graphic designer.

Graphic design is a profession or art of visual communication that combines words, images and ideas to express information to the audience. Graphic design is also termed as Communication design & visual communication. Graphic designers create visual solutions to communications problems.

Scope of Graphic Designing Careers

The world is becoming more digital day by day. A Good Visually Created Ad can convey a volume of ideas that can never be expressed with words.With the help of logos, brochure company branding can be done. Hoarding, Flex can help to transmit company message to clients clearly.

Graphic designing allows flexible work Environment. Students/working professionals can also work as a part-time or as a freelance basis. There are Few freelance websites (Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, 99design, etc) which help graphic designers to make money online.

Graphic Designing Careers and Jobs

There is a Huge number of Job Opening are there for Fresher to Experienced working Professionals in Startups to Big MNC Companies. You can check Graphic Designer Jobs by simply searching in Google or any Job consulting Websites like Naukri, shine, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers usually need a certificate course  in graphic design. Candidates for graphic design positions should demonstrate their creativity and originality through a professional portfolio that features their best designs.

You can easily find jobs in various design consultancies, advertising agencies, design studio, educational institutions, publishers, marketing firms and many other places. After completing course  in graphic design, you may also set up your own design studio or can work as an exhibiting artist.

SPARX 2021 – Annual Competition

SPARX 2021 – Annual Competition

Arena Animation Sayajigunj Organized its Annual Competition SPARX 2021, Which was initiated to Encourage Students to Compete and participate in Such Competitions and also a Unique Platform to Showcase their Skill and talent. The Event kicked off on 20th October 2021. Students Got One Week to Prepare their Artworks and Get Themselves Nominated in Eight Different Categories Namely Character Design, Photo manipulation, Creating a Social Media Post,3D Environment,VFX Shot ,Creating a Promo Video and Character Animation Sequence.Around 150 plus Registrations and Submissions Were Done.

The main Event i.e. The Awards Felicitation Ceremony was organized on 28th October 2021 making World Animation Day Special for everyone. Special Guest for the Event was Mr.Amar Trivedi, RAH, Arena Animation Mumbai as He Shared Some Useful Tips and Knowledge with Students and Flagged the Event.

Our Centre Directors Mr. Ashish Kanojiya and Mr.Ambubhai Kanojia as they gave there Valuable presence at the Event and All Staff Members  Counselors, Mentors and Admin Staff were present at the Event to Felicitate the Best. Around 80 Plus students were present as Audience at the Event while Other’s were Active at Our Online platforms as per Current Protocols. Event Started with Previewing of Short listed Entries and Healthy Interaction on Certain Works with Students attending. in Second Half Winners were Announced from all the Categories and were Felicitated with Trophies and Certificates as the Whole Atmosphere at the Event was Joyous and Motivating. In Certain Categories Special Jury Mention was also awarded for Good Quality Work. The event Concluded with Closing Speech from our valued Guests and Photo shoot of Winners and Organizers as the Event was a Grand Success as it provided the Creative Platform to Students to Stand Out from the Crowd. Thanks to all The Team Members of Arena Animation Sayajigunj and Its Students the Event was Able to achieve its Motive.


6 Skills that a Graphic Designer Needs to Build a Successful Career

6 Skills that a Graphic Designer Needs to Build a Successful Career

You might have witnessed a lot of creative book covers, inspiring illustrations, and interactive posters in your day-to-day life. All these, collectively, are graphic designs. In other words, any form of communication that uses graphics or drawing is called graphic design and can be created by a graphic designer. Letters, colour, patterns, illustrations, photographs, information: graphic designers play around with all of these and create attractive and innovative visual designs.

Every industry today requires a graphic designer to create their corporate logos, product packaging, digital interfaces and other forms of visual communication. Graphic designers are required in the advertising industry, print as well as digital media companies, IT companies, FMCG brands, financial industries, and many other similar sectors.

Graphic designing courses are available for those who are interested to be a part of this fast-growing industry and meet the increasing demand for trained professionals. But even before you join a graphic designing training institute, it would be of help to know a little more about the various must-have skills of graphic designing.

  1. Creativity

This might seem obvious: creativity. Every discipline where you need to create something new requires some sort of creativity. However, creativity is often misunderstood and is even considered as an ability to draw, paint or sculpt. To become a graphic designer, what you need is a creative mindset. This will enable you to master almost every stage of the design process: from coming up with innovative ideas to developing and designing new concepts.

  1. Understanding of Typography

This is the making of various typefaces, with complete knowledge of point size, tracking (the space between all characters used), kerning (the space between two specific characters), and leading (line spacing). Typography skills are a fundamental part of any graphic designer’s skills set list.

  1. Familiarity with Page Layout Creation

Page layout is all about the look and feel of a printed page. This includes aesthetic alignment of images, text and the agreed style-sheet on a page.

  1. Knowledge of Interface Designing

Today, with the increasing use of the internet, mobile, and social media, a graphic designer also has to think about website layouts and user-interface designs to enhance the interactive experience.

  1. Software Skills

It is unlikely that you will become a graphic designer without a good grasp of at least Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Hence, it is important to enrol in a course that not only trains you in the fundamental concepts of graphic design, but also gives you a firm grasp of the industry-relevant software.

To be a graphic designer, you must learn the appropriate application of all the necessary tools. A graphic design course can guide you to acquire the right skills set and make your career a success.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is an important skill for a graphic designer. Graphic design, simply put, is the “effective visual communication of an idea or concept”. Hence communication is at the very heart of what a graphic designer does. You will need top communication skills to collaborate with your clients to understand them better, even before you start designing. You will also be collaborating with your team, account managers and so many other people on an everyday basis.

And there you have it! If you are looking for the right graphic design course to join, Please visit our website.

51  Students Placement for this challenging academic year 2020-21

51 Students Placement for this challenging academic year 2020-21

Amid Covid pandemic lockdown and disruption, Arena Animation Sayajigunj campuses, closed the final placement figures at 51 Students Placement till January 2021 end.  The achievement comes at a time once industry saw mass layoffs and offer revokes. AY 2020-21 began with a bang with elite recruiters in the Graphic Designing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and 3D Designing.

Arena Animation Sayajigunj officials told the institution is looking forward to an aggressive hiring of 3750+ job openings for season ahead. Prospective admission seekers are requested and suggested not to lose a year and opt for admissions at the earliest to be in line with the current academic year.

Our Student Success Story – Atit Patel

Atit Patel comes from a small town called Halol after his initial attempt in the field of Engineering he realized that This is not He can Pursue as a Career Making Choice and Started Looking for Other Options. He always had an Interest in Watching Movies and was Curious about its Process keeping this in Mind He Decided to Pursue his Studies of Editing and Compositing with Arena Animation Sayajigunj.

He had no Designing study background But that wasn’t going to stop Atit. As he learned new skills, his confidence grew. Today, he is honing Editing – Compositing skills. He was Groomed and Trained from the Center for a good Job Opportunity as He was selected as Motion Graphics Artist in BYJU’s in Bengaluru and Continued to Excel and Perform as He Considered this as his dream Job and Now He Is Settled and Growing Steadily with his Profile and work. Genuine transformation isn’t easy, but Atit Patel shows us it’s possible. He Always Consider Arena Animation Sayajigunj as a Guide and Turning Point of His Career and Life.

VFX Film Making Courses

 Recruiter Testimonials

We have sourced some very good candidates from the Arena Animation Sayajigunj. We were amazed by the immense talent and skills these students possess. Not only the students we were very impressed by the quality of education and training the institute has provided them. The students were confident and very well prepared for the interviews. We wish to congratulate all the students for their future.   — DipakPillai (Think Tank Advertising)

Our association with the Arena Animation Sayajigunj has been very fruitful. We have been able to pick out some very capable and confident students for our company. We are very impressed by the hard work that has been done on these students by the teachers. We would love to come back here for placements again. –ShwetaUpadhyay (Dream Foot Studio)

For the admissions process call at 98255 72027.

ગ્રાફિક અને વેબ ડિઝાઇન – તમારા વેબલુક ને આકર્ષક બનાવો:

ગ્રાફિક અને વેબ ડિઝાઇન – તમારા વેબલુક ને આકર્ષક બનાવો:

ગ્રાફિક અને વેબ ડિઝાઇન – તમારા વેબલુક ને આકર્ષક બનાવો:

જ્યારેગ્રાફિક્સ, ટાઇપોગ્રાફી, ગ્રાફ્સ, અને છબીઓ (ઈમેજીસ) એકસાથે આવે છે ત્યારે તે એક વિચાર વ્યક્ત કરે છે અને તે બને છે ગ્રાફિક ડિઝાઇન / વેબ ડિઝાઇન. જોકે, ગ્રાફિકડિઝાઇનર પ્રિન્ટ અને ડિજિટલ પ્રોજેક્ટ્સ બંને પર કામ કરે છે, જ્યારે વેબ ડિઝાઇનર ફક્ત વેબસાઇટ પર કામ કરે છે, પ્રિન્ટિંગ (છાપકામ) પરનહીં.

પ્રચલિત કૌશલ્યો:

  • વાતચીતમાં સ્પષ્ટતા
  • ડિઝાઇન દ્વારા વિચારો વ્યક્ત કરવાની સર્જનાત્મકતા
  • ફોટોશોપ, ઇલસ્ટ્રેટર અને ઇન ડિઝાઇન
  • ગ્રાફિક ડિઝાઇન માટે બેઝિક HTML નું જ્ઞાન
  • વેબ ડિઝાઇન માટે એચ ટી એમ એલ 5, નોડ.જેએસ, રિએક્ટ જાવાસ્ક્રિપ્ટ, CSS3, PHP

પ્રચલિત સોફ્ટવેર અને સાધનો:

  • ગ્રાફિક ડિઝાઇનર્સમાટે: એડોબ ઇલસ્ટ્રેટર, એડોબ ફોટોશોપ, એડોબ ઇન ડિઝાઇન, કોરેલ પેઇન્ટ શોપપ્રો, જીમ્પ
  • વેબડિઝાઇનર્સમાટે: વર્ડપ્રેસ, વૂકૉમેર્સ, બિગકોમર્સ, શોપાઇફ, એડોબ ડ્રીમવીવર


  • ક્યુપેલીન (જયપુરઅનેગુરુગ્રામ)
  • ઇંકકાર્ડ ટેક્નોસોફ્ટ (અમદાવાદ)
  • ઇન્ટેલલીવિતા (અમદાવાદ)
  • વેબનેક્સ (ચેન્નાઈ)
  • વેરિઅન્સઈન્ફોટેક (અમદાવાદ)

સરેરાશપગારશ્રેણી: Rs. 12,000 – 38,000


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