Successful Canada Visa approvals of Arena Animation Sayajigunj student – Dhruvanshi Patel

Actually, my experience was great at Arena Animation Sayajigunj! They helped me to get my VISA faster than expected.

Right from childhood, I had a profound interest in the field of arts. I made various sketches in different styles like Dot Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Pencil sketching, Watercolor, and Pastels. As I grew up, my interest in this field also matured. I got attracted more towards the art of visual effects in movies. The visual effects in Harry Potter and Avatar blew my mind when I saw the fictional characters and creativity portrayed in the surroundings. All these positive aspects made my interests inclined towards Visual effects.

After my higher secondary education, I decided to opt for the Visual Effects (VFX) stream. Eventually, I enrolled in the VFX program at Arena Animation Sayajigunj  in October 2017.

After completing my first term study in December 2018, I got placed through Arena in January 2019 at Trace VFX Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai  To get hands-on experience and gain practical knowledge, I decided to complete my certification in the VFX program after getting some work experience.

During my 1.5 years at Trace, I worked on various Hollywood films and web series like Artemis Fowl, Cats, Snake eyes, Cursed, American Gods, etc., for MR.X, MILL Film, MPC Film & Episodic as a Jr. Matchmove/RotoAnim artist. I received credit on the silver screen for the Hollywood movie Artemis Fowl.  My curiosity about learning VFX in detail increased as I learned more about it in my work life. After leaving my job in July 2020, I continued my VFX program at Arena Animation Sayajigunj and completed it in January 2021. My dedication led me to complete the program earlier by six months.

Now Having done my research, I was very clear about Canada as my chosen country for higher education. I prefer to study in Canada to gain multicultural exposure, high quality of education, latest study modules, and recognition of my degree back in India. Collaboration of  Arena Animation  & Vancouver Centre of Entertainment Arts – Langara College, Canada to help me a lot for my international career. and also I got  A special scholarship of CAD 19,500 as I am an Arena Animation student. And It will be a lot to me. Once again Thank you Arena Animation.

Langara CEA is situated in Vancouver, a hub for Hollywood movies with plenty of studios located alongside the city. The faculty themselves have worked in many Hollywood movies, and what else can be better than getting trained under their supervision.

My main aim is to start up a studio in my hometown, and for that, I need supervision from the best college and experience in studios.

I recommend all students who are Ready to graduate from Canada – Visit Arena Animation Sayajigunj once which is best Vfx Training Institute in Vadodara.

—-Dhruvanshi Patel


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