We all are surrounded by graphics. Right from the simple TV ads to the blockbuster movies, graphics and animation rule the roost. The immense power of the world of graphics is what attracted Atit to explore this.  This led Atit on his quest to reach his final destination.

After completing his bachelor’s in electrical engineering, Atit felt incomplete. His hunger and his quest to enter the world of animation led to a frantic search to choose the right guide. Time was flying and Atit became despondent. In the meanwhile, he commenced his journey to attain the goal by completing a host of supporting courses. But something was missing.

He then began his search to find his right partner to guide him in achieving his dreams. His search led him to Arena Animation Sayajigunj. It was a place that was the right choice to fulfil his dreams. With the biggest infrastructure in the whole of Gujarat and excellent placement services, this was the ultimate destination for all graphic learners. With a VR gaming room, green room and 5 highly advanced computer labs, Arena Animation Sayajigunj is class apart. With their knowledgeable and trained instructors and national and international clientele,  Arena Animation Sayajigunj is the stepping stone for every designer willing to make their mark in the graphical scene.

In the end, he was convinced that  Arena Animation Sayajigunj was his best choice. While pursuing VFX and animation, Atit Patel not only gained insight into the field of graphics and animation but also industry exposure.  He slowly and surely built his portfolio and with the expert guidance and support of  Arena Animation Sayajigunj, Atit is now a full-fledged VFX designer. Also, with the excellent placement provided by Sayajigunj Arena, Atit is now a motion graphics artist at Byju’s.  With his knowledge, he is imparting knowledge to many students.

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