Create Animation Production Process

The action of making or manufacturing from the elements or raw stuff or the process of being so manufactured. Animated video is helpful for sharing concepts and ideas in a world with short attention spans and a craving for flashy content and image. In this blog, today we talk about the animation production process and how we put all the parts together to make an animated video.

If you are adding elements such as motion graphics, animation or sound effect in this video, then the material will be produced in the animation production process stage.

7 Step to Create Animation Production Process


1. Brief and Do Some Research

Every marketing video songs share pricetarts with a conversation about an idea. At the Arena Sayajigunj Institute, our faculty of researchers discuss with you to learn as much about your product, service, or issue as possible.

The process of research also estimates the market to figure out the best method for putting out the right and powerful message in the best way for your brand.


Click on Below Video: Animation Process


2. Script and Concept

The script is an important element in creating a fantastic video. Before an image has even put into motion for video, we talk to you to plan the concept. The key is to show the message in the simple form, to the most comprehensive manner to the target audience.


3. Storyboard

Once your script and concept art has been sketched up, a storyboard will be drawn up to detail the visual elements of the video scene-to-scene. It will allow you to see how the overall animation is structured, down to the scene design and progression of the story.

Click on Below Video: Intro To Storyboarding


4. Illustrations

Once you have approved a storyboard that meets your brief, your initial concept art sketches will be developed into detailed illustrations. Depending on the video, that may include text, backgrounds, characters, icons and more. This process consists of the design of all characters and the environments in the animated video.


5. Animation

Once your script and storyboard are verified, next to move on to putting the words into the action. The animation and motion graphics stages involve creating the necessary images to go to a message. These stages require attention to detail, and each step ensures that the visuals created in the production stage reflect the initial concept.

Click on Below video: 5 Types of Animation


6. Sound Effect

To complete your animation process, it’s time to add sound effects and a professional music track. The most engaging male or female voices with the best accent are selected to set the right pace using production software to add audio to animation video. The perfect sound over reinforces the message of the video and can make a world of a difference.


7. Final Stage

This is the final stage of the animation production process that gives you the final look of the video. In the Post-production stage involves the complete process of creating and editing the graphics, background music and sound mixing.

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